We have performed Omkar Yagnam in the premises of Tirupatamma Mataji Temple in Gundlapadu village, Andhra Pradesh in Sravana Masam for the year of 2000. Performed “Paramathma Pranav Yagnam” State wide with the involvement of so many Monks, Swamiji’s and heads of famous Devotional Organizations with 1108 Homa Gundams from 30th April 2007 to 02nd May 2007.

We have conducted an Elocution competition on Bhagavad-Gita Bhakti Yoga in 2009 and awarded the 1st prize of 1Lakh rupees which show cased the importance of Gita to the World.

We performed Paramathma Sri Sai Ram Maha Yagnam on May 19,20 and 21 with 1000 Homa Gundams in city of Macharla, Andhra Pradesh with the help of so many Sadhu’s. We have organized cultural programs and Anna danam successfully on this occasion.

We conducted Lord of Srinivas Kalyanam on Sravana Nakshatra in all villages of “Veldurti” Mandal, Andhra Pradesh for 28 months.

On the holy day of Sri Ram Navami, Rama Kalyanam was celebrated with full of devotion and dedication.

Conducting Sai Baba Bhajans and Cultural activities - Every year for the occasion of Sivaratri and Guru Pournami.